Designs for Bespoke Joinery Products in one of Mayfair’s Most Opulent Residences

Mayfair is an affluent area in the West End of London towards the east edge of Hyde Park, in the City of Westminster, between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane. It is one of the most expensive districts in London and the world.

The area around Mayfair was originally part of the manor of Eia and remained largely rural in nature until the early 18th century. It became well known for the annual “May Fair” that took place from 1686 to 1764 in what is now Shepherd Market. The fair attracted an unpleasant, downmarket element and gradually became a public nuisance. The Grosvenor family, later to become the Dukes of Westminster, acquired land through marriage and began to develop it under the direction of Thomas Barlow. The work included the church of St George Hanover Square, Hanover Square, Berkeley Square and Grosvenor Square, the latter three of which were surrounded by luxury homes.

Spa and Treatment Rooms

The Brief

To design bespoke joinery products in the property.

  • Wall Panelling
  • Treatment room Storage Units
  • Vanity units

This week we have completed the designs for the wall panelling, treatment storage units and vanity units in the spa and treatment room.

Wall Panelling

The wall panelling is an ascetically pleasing wall covering designed around the bespoke storage units they, have a leather detailing. A fitting design for one of the most desirable properties in the UK

Treatment Room Storage Units

The storage units contain marble on the inside and are used to store and display spa treatment items and also contains a wash basin.

Vanity Units

The Vanity Units are situated in the two en-suite rooms off the spa and treatment rooms, They are designed to match the high quality of the rest of the building

Please note: all the images of the technical drawing on this page are not high resolution, they are for a brief description of the project. All original Technical drawings are at very high resolutions