Dynamic Blocks

What are Dynamic Blocks

Dynamic Block

Dynamic Blocks are similar to blocks, which blocks are useful for having an element in your model that you can change later on, if you’re drawing a lot of the same thing over an over again and may want to update them all in one go. Dynamic Blocks are a way of placing different items into your model that can be easily changed or updated that are independent. There are lots of different uses for them you should have a look at the AutoDesk Website.

We us Dynamic Blocks for placing different fixtures and fixing on a drawing, for the ability to choose different views of an object for example (viewing an abject in plan or elevation, even sections)

Why use them

They take time to make, don’t they! If you plan to use lots of the same elements throughout the drawing, it’s maybe worth the extra time it takes to make one. Imaging having to copy lots of different screw for example. Wouldn’t it be easier to place a screw down into the drawing, select the type and length of the screw, rather than trying to find the screw you require from elsewhere in the drawing or another drawing you did earlier?

Note Of Caution

If you are going to edit any of your Dynamic Blocks it maybe worth renaming them. You could have issues if you replace them into an existing drawing. We always have versioning within the names of our blocks to save confusion.

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